October 16, 2012

POSEFY: The first 100 postures

POSEFY has been live for just under two months now, and we’re definitely proud of the initial results.

We have attracted early-adopters from all around the world who have already created over 100 postures on the site, and we continue to be wowed by the amazing content that they are creating on POSEFY.

The site has proved to be stable and, what’s more important at this stage, we’ve received extremely valuable feedback from our initial Users which we are quickly implementing to improve the overall experience.

Over the coming weeks we will add two very important features that many Users have requested: the ability to embed 3D postures on third-party websites and the creation of sequences from several static postures.

We will shortly explain these new features in greater detail, but for the time being we can confidently say that they will give Users more freedom to create whatever is on their mind and showcase their creations throughout the web.

Thank you very much for your support, and please remember to leave us your feedback!